Air conditioning, climate and environment.

Emicon's policy is now more than ever aimed at higher sustainability

Pubblicato il 31/07/2020

In addition to a broad media debate, environmental impact is a focal point at the centre of every company. Operating for over 30 years in air conditioning, efficiency and sustainability are the main principles behind every design Emicon branded.

Since 2010, the company has produced ecological machines using Propane (R290) refrigerant. Since then, using environmentally sustainable refrigerants has been a corporate prerogative; R1234ze, R513A and R454B are today present in 85% of our Chillers and heat pumps.

We, therefore, think that bringing this attention back to even small actions makes a further difference. We have chosen quality and highly sustainable printing system, not using lamination for our catalogues and printing with UV LED Direct Drive technology that does not use ammonia-based inks or dry powders. The printing process thus requires 70% less energy than the common off-set printing and significantly lowers the production of ozone and PM-10 powders.

Each paper in our catalogues is FSC® certified, which guarantees that the products come from responsibly managed forests, thus guaranteeing high environmental protection standards.

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