Ceiling mounting

From 0,86 KW to 1,4 kW

CU_ROOF series ACUs are packaged-type, designed and manufactured purposely to cool electrical enclosures and similar items.
Built to be installed on roof-top of electrical enclosures, their shape makes them suitable for many other applications; the units are also equipped with very ef f icient condensate draining systems.
They work according to the principle of the reversed Rankine cycle, so heat transfer is performed by a fluid (refrigerant) that acquires sensible heat through the evaporator coil and removes it through the condenser coil, which are parts of the sealed refrigerant circuit.
The fluid is driven by a electric motor-compressor unit.
The evaporator coil is directly facing the enclosure internal, while the condenser coil faces the external room.
The CU_ROOF Series ACUs are small sized and take no room sideways the enclosure.

• Electronic temperature controller
• Electrical heater
• Remote or local diagnostic module
• Remote or local alarm module