Displacement series - without Free cooling


From 6,3 to 14,1kW

Outdoor packaged air conditioning units air cooled type, ideals for installations inside room, shelter for radio base station and data processing centre.
The adjustment of the temperature can be achived by means of the cooling capacity variation of the air conditioner through Inverter technology(rotation speed variation of compresor).
The air conditioning units AE ER_DP series are displacement type. The cooling air flow is top-down.
The air conditioners P Series are equipped with internal controller and temperature and pressure probes, that allow to get an independent or coordinated “cooling system”, assuring a complete redundance of all the control and conditioning functions.
The P Series is supplied with remote interface user panel for the manage of commands and controls.
The line of inverter outdoor air conditioning units includes cooling powers of 2/8 Kw and 3/10 Kw both single-phase and three-phase.

Technical features:
• Mainframe and panels made of galvanized steel
• High corrosion resistant
• Electrical board with external interface user panel
• Automatic restart after absence power supply
• The fans of the evaporation section have a variable speed in accordance with the evaporation pressure
• The fans of the condensation section have a variable speed in accordance with the condensation pressure
• 48Vdc air treatment section
• Eu3 class air filter

• Grid kit
• External “L” support