Wall mounting with free cooling

From 6,3 kW to 17,2 kW

Split air conditioning units air cooled type, suitable for installations inside room, shelter for radio base station and data processing centre.

The indoor unit has the characteristic of being installed on the wall.

The air conditioners are equipped with internal controller and temperature and pressure probes, that allow to get an independent or coordinated « cooling system », assuring a complete redundance of all the control and conditioning functions.

The air conditioners are provided with remote interface user panel for the manage of commands and controls, complete with disconnectors, with internal electrical protection for overcurrent.


  • External unit with painted steel made mainframe
  • Internal unit with aluminum made mainframe and panels
  • High corrosion resistant
  • Aluminum-aluminum microchannel condenser battery
  • Automatic restart after absence power supply
  • EC evaporation section fans
  • The fans of the condensation section have a variable speed in accordance with the condensation pressure
  • Electronic thermostatic valve
  • 48Vdc air treatment section


  • Wall/floor fixing bracket kit UE(1) (with vibration dampers)
  • Heating resistance
  • RS232/485 interface board
  • Ethernet interface board
  • SNMP&Web interface board
  • Humidity control (dehumidification limit 40%RH@30°C)(1)= External unit