Dehumidifying capacity from 260 l/24h to 940 l/24h
Air flow from 3500 m3/h to 8500 m3/h

HMA/BT cold room industrial dehumidifiers series are high-performances units especially designed for industrial or commercial purposes where humidity level should be controlled or water vapour condensation should be prevented. These units are particularly indicated for cold rooms, cellars and industrial sites where humidity has to be controlled at low temperature conditions.

This series comprises 6 models which cover a capacity range from 263 to 940 l/24h. Units are designed for easy maintenance and service, in fact, the internal parts are mainly located in a soundproofed technical compartment, easily accessible even if the unit is running. The units are supplied with a specific refrigerant circuit design to operate with a wide range of temperatures, they are also equipped with hot gas injection system (used to defrost the evaporator) and condensate discharge drip tray equipped with antifreeze heater, in case of operation in low ambient temperature conditions.

The units are equipped with an advanced microprocessor with preparation for RS485 connection (optional).

Temperature and humidity probes are accessories supplied on request.