Dehumidifying capacity from 20 l/24h to 164 l/24h
Air flow from 250 m3/h to 1850 m3/h

The dehumidifiers FH serie are high performance units, equipped with robust galvanised steel frame, properly designed to operate in combination with radiant cooling systems.
The FH units have been designed for wall mounting installation. All units are provided with air filter, stainless steel drip tray and built-in microprocessor control. The units are also provided, standard, with pre and post
cooling coil to enhance the performances and to control the air supply temperature. FH units, anyway, can operate even without pre and post cooling coils, this option could be very useful in middle seasons when it is necessary to dry but the air conditioning system is not in
All the units are fully assembled and wired in the factory, carefully evacuated and dried with after leak tests under pressure and they are charged with environmental friendly refrigerant gases.
They are fully tested before shipment; the units are conform to European Directives and are individually marked with CE label and Conformity Declaration.