From 2,7 kW to 4,5 kW

Packaged air-to-air air conditioning units, designed and manufactured to work in industrial environments, in presence of dust and vibrations and exposed to high temperature.

CUS Series conditioners have been designed to cool electrical enclosures and containers: every component has been, selected and placed to satisfy all the needs of these environments, to simplify the access to the internal parts and to minimize the maintenance.

The units must be installed on the floor, on horizontal surfaces; the air is taken from and sent to the environment to cool through ducts and insulated flexible tubes.

The conditioners are provided with two thermostats, both placed on the electrical panel, which allow the setting of the temperature of the environment to be cooled.

The conditioners can be provided with a COES device which guarantees the working continuity also in case of short temperature peaks up to 80°C; in addiction they can be supplied with an electrical heater for warming the cabin, allowing to work properly up to external temperature of -40°C.


Mainframe and panels made of galvanized steel
High corrosion resistant
Electrical board with external interface user panel
Automatic restart after absence power supply
The fans of the condensation section have a variable speed in accordance with the condensation pressure
Metallic air filter
Working at external temperatures from -40°C up to 80°C
Resistance to dust and vibrations