With Free Cooling

from 1,7 ÷ 4,3 kW

RF Series packaged air conditioning units air cooled type, suitable for installations in room, shelter for radio base station and data processing centre.
RF air conditioning units can be supplied in two different versions:
• INDOOR installation
• OUTDOOR installation

The air conditioner is type CONVENTIONAL: the cooling air is taken from the UPPER side and sent from to DOWN side of theair conditioner.
This unit is equipped with free-cooling which in composed of an air exchange system, from outside to inside, through one or two fans installed on the unit and an overpressure damper to be installed in the room/shelter/radio base station(supplied), getting significant energy savings when weather conditions allow it.
The air conditioners are equipped with internal controller and temperature and pressure probes allowing the implementation of an autonomous conditioning systems and assuring a complete redundance of all the control and conditioning functions. The electronics is provided with real time clock.
The unit is equipped with remote PLC display for visualization of parameters, states and alarms.
In addition the unit can be equipped with serial RS232/485, Ethernet of GSM/GPRS card in order to allow communication with external equipment.

Technical features
• Mainframe and panels made of galvanized steel
• High corrosion resistant
• Electrical board with external interface user panel
• Automatic restart after absence power supply
• The fans of the condensation section have a variable speed in accordance with the condensation pressure
• 230Vac air treatment section
• Eu3 class air filter

• RF_E=Outdoor version
• RF_I=Indoor version