Dehumidifying capacity from 50 l/24h to 550 l/24h
Air flow from 500 m3/h to 4200 m3/h

HHA dehumidifiers series are high-performances units especially designed for industrial or commercial purposes where humidity level should be controlled or water vapor condensation should be prevented. These units are particularly indicated for archives, ironing rooms,
bookstores, cheese factories, underground rooms, cellars and industrial sites where high humidity level is present.
This series comprises 8 models which cover a capacity range from 50 to 550 l/24h. These units are intended to be ceiling installed in a technical room. A centrifugal fan with high available static pressure allows unit connection to ductworks, both for air suction and discharge.
Units from size 50 to 200 are supplied with a solenoid valves set for the hot ga s injection used to defrost the evaporator in case of severe working conditions.
Temperature and humidity probes are accessories supplied on request.